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The Fund, Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates, and the unraveling of a wall street legend by Rob Copeland book cover with black bacground and ray dalio's half pixelated black and white face

On Sale
November 7th

Available in hardcover, eBook, and digital audio formats

St. Martin’s Press / Pan Macmillan

"The most explosive,
mind-blowing business book I've ever read—and the
most fun, too."

—Bradley Hope, coauthor of
bestseller "Billion Dollar Whale"
and Pulitzer Prize finalist

"At last, the era of the billionaire philosopher-king has a defining book."

—Bryan Burrough, coauthor of bestseller "Barbarians at the Gate"

"A classic American story about the most famous man on Wall Street—or the person he seems to be. The Fund manages to both shock and entertain at the same time."

—Philipp Meyer, author of bestsellers "American Rust" and "The Son"

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